It is actually a good question why we decided to buy the tent: Was it for being able to get closer to all the nice places or just for budget reasons? Despite all prejudices, it was actually due to both. Anyway, last week we bought the tent (a Gunnison 3.1) and camping gear and of course we had to test it all. Some people might understand that snow, ice and below zero degrees are not the best circumstances for setting up a tent for the first time, so we had to do it indoors. After all, our first pitch was below four minutes:

You might think now you could have done it in two minutes alone. But consider the very limited space, the ignorance of not reading the manual and our green horn skills. Our test was not yet finished after the setting up. In order to really assess our gear, we had to sleep one night in the tent on our 2 cm mattresses (hey, we need to reduce space and weight). Conclusion after a nice late sleep: Our new tent seems quite handy, comfortable to sleep in and with 2.8 kilos also not a bad deal for longer walks. Thank you Nobel guys for the Transa voucher!

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