Auf der Insel Rinca im Komodo Nationalpark

2 thoughts on “DSC06273

  1. Interesting evolution…This runway would have changed our trip when we did it a decade ago : we finished the babana trail at Lombok overtime, the loop to Komodo was definitly taking at least ten days of sailing ; not enough to see a couple of lizards, even very special, in a three weeks tour. Actually, as we were not really passionated by Lombok after Bali, we quickliy finished the route on the Gili islands, hooking up with the Italians and visiting decent snorkelling spots.

    I think that I’ll never probably see the Komodo dragons. But anyway, it has been one of the rare areas in the world that I seriously considered my return ticket and wandered if I would use it or no… You know the reply : I did, after the Gili, returning to bacteria duty. My wife flew from Dempasar to explore Sulawesi on her own… She arrived during a massive cow sacrifice for peace of souls, you have certainly seen this

    Honestly, I’ll never forget the Prambanan-Borobudur-Bali-Lombok- Gili trail. Have my best greetings there, pursue your nice around the world route safely.

    Travel well, still people following you through your blog.


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